Sunday, March 23, 2014


A sudden jabbing to do outfit shots.

I've recently been so uninspired to do anything. 
Even my blog posts are getting shorter and shorter with word counts not exceeding 20 words. Short is not sweet. Short means lazy and yes i've been ass lazy these past few months. But that's what being sick does to you. And i've been coughing my lungs out the past week after barely recovering from the same cough about 3 weeks back. It really has been a crazy, shit year for 2014. I only hope things can go up from here and not down.

I need a toast to happier times!

 I need more inspiration in my life. I want to get creative, do something fun, out of this world, something i've never done before. I want to live wildly while i can, enjoy my youth, embrace the vigor that life brings before old age and brittle bones gets me down. I want to see the world, help others and fight causes.
 I want to be something bigger than who i am now. I want to look back in life and say "I did this". 

So many "I wants" 
but how much of me will do the things i dare to dream of?

Till then,

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