Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The answer to that is mainly because i felt like it was becoming a chore to me. Something that even though didn't take up too much time a day could go by so easily once i've realised that my day is over.

Also, as i went through the motions, everyday felt repetitive to me. I think i'm simple and that everyday i could be grateful for the exact same things that i was grateful for yesterday or the day before. And i think people are only willing to see my dog's picture or homecooked meals as the things im grateful for that many times. 

But while it's repetitive, it's also very true.
 Everyday i'm grateful that my mum prepares healthy meals for me to take to lunch, i'm grateful that my family is healthy and well and my grandmother, even in the hospital, manages to pull through day after day for us to visit her and watch her get stronger. Everyday, i'm grateful that my dog comes up with new antics that makes me gush over her and how Tim and i squeeze out precious time to spend together. 

My life isn't interesting but that of an average person. Someone who goes through the daily grind of an 8am - 5pm job and comes home too tired to function and repeats it for the next 5 days until the weekends. And then  it's sleeping in late days and waking up to find out that half the day has passed by. 
Yes, my life is that mundane.

So even if i don't continue with this photo journey to document every single thing that i'm grateful for every single day of my life, it doesn't mean that i will stop being grateful for the things i have in my life. And i dont think i've ever said the word "grateful" so many times in a post before.
Phew. I'm grateful that this "grateful" word vomit will stop now.

Thanks for following me on this journey thus far. It's been a good month and a half with it. 

Till then,

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