Thursday, April 3, 2014


So our ABC dating has been MIA-ed for a little while (no kidding, 5 whole months!) and after a failed first attempt, i was pretty dejected. But this time, even after failure, i'm so glad i didn't give up trying because what i achieved was so... comfortable. 

Maybe it was just me, but i was so in love with my setup, i almost refused to take it down. But no, i had to because i share a room with my sister. So for our I date, i wanted to do something different and thanks to a couple of you, i had so many suggestions and ideas running around in my head.
But we settled for one, and here it is...

I for Igloo

I admit, it's not the most realistic fake igloo i've ever build but i've never ever built an igloo or one without snow before so i had to improvised. What i did was switched on the air-con to the lowest temperature, (unfortunately i did this during Earth Hour. Sorry Andrew Garfield!) borrowed a tent from my uncle, build the tent, throw a couple of white cloths around it and then decorated it with fairy lights and used el wire to create the words "Hello love".

And here's our cozy interior that i stuffed with pillows, quilts and soft toys. 

I especially love this because the cloths and the fairy lights created this effect that made me think i was looking up at colorful stars in the night sky when we lay down. 
So cool. 

Since the "igloo" was big, we had our dinner in there, courtesy of my mum's cooking and after dinner, re-shifted the interior to watch a movie on my laptop. 

Once her daddy went to the toilet, this girl sat by to wait for him, just so they could do this later. 

Yes, they both fell asleep midway through the movie. 

Once Sunday morning arrived, we woke up, mask-ed and had prata for breakfast. 

Just so you know, this date wasn't the most elaborate one and we basically just laid back and got comfy. Taking time out of our busy schedules isn't always the easiest thing for both of us, but i'm glad we did. He's probably the only one who doesn't mind me purposely singing off-tune or squealing at random nonsense.

Nope, he doesn't mind, he just looks at me like im crazy. 

I love that he loves me, specs, flaws and all. 


So yes, we had fun for our I date once again. 
And here's another shoutout to the people who helped out with this date, namely my family members. 

To another great date to come. 
Hope our "J" date doesn't take too long to materialize. 

Till then,

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