Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Some time back, i posted this post  about having found a great place that did my nails and how i was so in love with them. 

Today, i'm back to rave about them once more!

"The Beauty Recipe name comes from the culinary namesake a belief that the perfect recipe followed precisely using the best ingredients produces amazing results."

Opened by  fellow blogger, Jessie, expect to find top-notch services from the friendly staff at Beauty Recipe. Their passion for nails and dedication to their customers are truly well-received making them a distinguished recipient of the Singapore Excellence Award 2014! Another great reason to patronize them, especially for people staying in the West side. 

This time, aside from their manicure pedicure services, i was kindly invited by Jessie to try their human hair eyelash extension! They are currently the only eyelash distributor in Singapore who offer such services and each of these sterilised and curled human hair eyelashes are specially imported from South Korea (one of the leading countries in beauty)

As you can see from the images above, my lashes are practically non-existent. I've also never liked applying mascara as i felt that it was a hassle to remove and some made my lashes clumpy and ugly looking. As a result, i've always resorted my lashes to it's au naturel state or apply falsies for big occasions.

 Hence when Jessie offered me a chance to achieve big and beautiful eyes, i jumped a little in my seat, did a happy dance and said yes!

Check out my before and after pictures!

After-Rave: My eyes are so gorgeous and i've gotten lots of friends commenting that my eyelashes look really natural and amazing. Make-up in the morning now is also really minimal as i mostly leave my eyes looking as great as it is. 

A great thing i really liked about Beauty Recipe's Eyelash Extensions is that their process of application is unlike the usual eyelash extensions of attaching clumps of lashes. But rather, they use a meticulous strand by strand method that fills in the gaps and holes so that over time, even when the lashes fall off, they will not leave weird holes in our eyes. 

Look at the difference in the right eye completed with Beauty Recipe's eyelash extensions.

At the end of the session, i was greeted with a pair of amazing eyelashes and couldn't be more happier with the results. The process was painless as the glue used was a certified safe medical glue and throughout it all, i did not feel any discomfort whatsoever. Unlike falsies, these eyelashes are also extremely comfortable to wear without having the extra weight on your natural lashes since they are the lightest lashes available. 

Too focused on admiring my new pair of eyelashes in the screen!

It's been a week now since i've last had it done and everyday i'm still receiving compliments from friends and family. The compliments will probably keep on coming since their extensions are known to last for a duration of 6-8 weeks. 

Hurray to perfect eyes!

Ending off this post with a picture of the pedicurist, which unfortunately, i didn't catch her name :( and of the skilled Yu, who did my eyelash extensions. Once again, i made her stay back past her closing hours and i feel so bad about it! Second time in a row.

Now you can have beautiful eyes too!
Eyelash extensions with Beauty Recipe are now going for a promotional price of $68!

Call 6567 3568 to make an appointment or visit their official website at www.beautyrecipe.com.sg 

Beauty Recipe
Blk 104 Jurong East St 13, #01-102Singapore 600104(5 mins walk from Jurong East MRT or take bus 334 from Jurong East interchange, 1 stop only)
For appointment booking to get your lashes done, call 6567 3568 or visit their official website at www.beautyrecipe.com.sg 
Till then,

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