Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Reliving our Taiwan days 3 months ago, Tim and i decided to escape the city life and made our way to the mountains of Cing Jing for 2 nights. The view was breathtaking with nature in its glory and the weather was perfect. We stayed at the place Villa Relax which houses 3 dogs that resembled polar bears and i chose it because Tim has always loved the idea of big dogs. Needless to say, we were super excited!

The villa's mascot just chilling from the sun. 

On our way to our room, we came across the second "polar bear" which happened to be directly outside from where we were staying. This one was super affectionate and whenever we went out or came back to our room, he would welcome us at the fence and tried to score pats. Really cute. 

We had breakfast everyday overlooking the hills and taking in the fresh air. 

The town center that comes equipped with Starbucks, MOS Burger and gifty shops. 

At Swiss Garden and Carton King before ending the night with a water show. 

Otherwise, Cingjing was really a small area with just one town center and 3-4 main attractions for tourists to browse around. It's pretty decent for a 2 nights stay i would say but nothing more especially if you like the hustle and bustle of the city noise. 

 Clear blue skies, fresh air and pretty flowers. 
It was a great respite up in Cing jing with Tim. 

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