Friday, December 27, 2013


Some pictures from early this month when Tim and i had a mini celebration for him leaving the army weeks before he actually left. City escapes are fun but beach getaways are my favourite:)

We had a little hiccup with the resort we were supposed to stay in but then we got upgraded to its sister resort with a nicer view and better facilities so it was a pretty win win situation for us. We also got to check in at 10am which was a great big deal since we both had barely 3 hours of sleep the night before. It was such a huge room with high ceilings and farm-like theme to it, so i was pretty happy with even though we got a blocked sea view. 

We had breakfast every morning to this view and a stroll out to the bridge with amazing scenery.

Things we did at the resort:
Found a hammock to play in, get bitten by insistent mosquitoes, climbed a tree, get splashed by rising water tides, duck dragonflies at the pool, watched China girls pose seductively for their phone cameras, make funny faces and piggyback each other.
Oh, fun times:)

Tim's "stupid mosquito bit me" face

It was a great time off trip for both of us and having Tim around to explore new places is always such a joy Come 2014, he will be taking on the corporate world at an office near mine so it would be awesome to see him more often. I'm ending off with one of my favourite picture of us since i have too many favorites and its of Tim refusing to share the Hello Panda biscuit he bought. Just kidding. He did share even if he was pretty reluctant to. 
If you're reading this Tim, love you!

Till then,

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