Friday, December 27, 2013


I finally found time to squeeze in a short blog post because December has been such a hectic month of festivities, not that i'm complaining, and also because i am on leave till next year. Hurray!

First up

Truly it's been a great month to end 2013 with so many cheers and thanksgiving. Because of our individual commitments, Tim and i have been busy as a bee with hardly enough time to see each other let alone plan our I date for our ABC dating challenge so unfortunately, that'll will probably have to be pushed back to January. My deepest apologies for those patiently waiting for it and i'll keep you guys updated here.

2 days later, i'll be travelling to batam with my family for a quick getaway for cheap seafood dinners and massages. There will also be a special post coming up on 31 Dec so keep your eyes peeled for that!

What i've been so busy with these past few weeks in between celebrations and gatherings is the whole room revamping + spring cleaning thing going on in our house right now. So most times if i'm not out, im mostly covered in paint and wall putty or cuts and bruises accumulated from shifting and packing things. 

My house is a battleground. 

Everything is about 80% done and i'm really happy with the way things turned out. Once it's 100% completed, i'll post an update up on this blog:) 
A sneak peek on my room can be seen in some photos below.

Favorite flowers :)

At a cousins' christmas party

Soft toys on the bed

Mini Christmas tree

Regular Christmas tree

And greetings from the world's first reindog

Till then,

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