Thursday, December 12, 2013

TIM DID MY MAKEUP...and i did his

Taking on the ever popular "My boyfriend did my makeup" tag, i actually let Tim manhandled my face and no one was more shocked than i am when he actually let me girl-lified his face. Nobody i appreciate more in the world to be my better half and everyday i am grateful for this guy in my life.

Bare-faced while Tim explored the wonders of makeup by diligently applying everything in massive amounts. He had a lot of fun making me look like a cross between a raccoon and the Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. The only good out of this situation was perhaps we both had an amazing time and he was nice enough to let me exact revenge. 

And the final look....

He was cackling at my face for about 10 seconds. 
Until i casually mentioned that i was going to do his...

... and then the laughter stopped.

And his result was...
an understated beauty.

Yep, i think we'll both have a future in makeup artistry.

So much love for this guy and his tolerance of my wild ways.

Till then,

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