Sunday, October 19, 2008

Settlers Double Birthday Bash

So, team7 all headed to settlers@holland for a double birthday celebration. Beeping's and mine. Went there to play all the board games and everything. The cards are totally like shit la. Already cannot make it those kind. Still prefer the board games at decoders. Talk about loyalty and everything(: Anyway, thanks people for turning up and for the birthday present. Clement, Kelvin, Shaun, Rachel, Beeping, Eevin, Andrea, Marcus, Yi Hern, Yi Xuen.

I took 96 pictures of which i think 4 of them contains my face. Haha.  But wordpress does not allow me to upload. Or rather, the crunching process takes extremely long cause my picture file size is huge. So wordpress claims. Whatever.

Its 850am on a sunday morning and i skipped church because my brother sprained his hand and my family wants to bring him to the hospital. So, no car, no church. Haha. I think im heading back to sleep.

For i will testify.

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