Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ray Of Sunshine

YES! i finally went to Sentosa. After a month of holiday and promising myself to go sentosa to get that tanned skin complexion that i wanted, i finally went! Woohoo(: And the sun was really good that day and jw and i took lots of photos. scenic and self potrait ones. So happy So happy(:

And im single again and loving it! Not ready to take on another relationship. Really gotta wait for that someone right to come along and to make sure that my heart and head are both ready to take on someone new or old with no one in mind. As i always say, occasional relapses are fine but  hope they stay occasional. So the edwin thing should be occasional right, a passing phrase, a wandering haunting memory that wont last. I sincerely hope so.

On a lighter note, i talked about my birthday celebration with my best friends. So excited that my most important friends are all free and avaliable. Hoping it will go well. I dont want to spend my birthday alone though its ONLY a birthday(: i wanna feel goood on that day.

Lastly, holidays are ending and im heading to my msia trip with the school mates. Cant wait too.

Lights Out yo!

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