Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Queen's Birthday

So, Polys have started all around the island. Once again, im back in school to attend lectures which i'll sleep in, do tutorials that i never understand because i just copy and paste answers, walk halfway around the school to do something, or bump into friends which i so dearly miss. 2 days of lessons and i havent slept in class not at least once. So proud. Haha.

Anyway, yes its the queen's birthday! Mine(: hahah. It was nice getting well wishes from people i thought forgot. Jiawen, that idiot made me a big photo collage card, bought me a dress and a bikini. because i dared him to. -.-" classmates gave me a wallet. Thanks everybody. Very disappointing because my su friends, the poeple whom i thought were my life once, didnt remember, didnt wish. Well, didnt pinned much hope on it. Jiting, Chunyang. haiyo. Nothing to say.

I've been doing something since school started. Ever since i stopped talking to my su friends or rather they stopped talking to me. If i happened to bumped into jiting's friends or something, i'll hide.  IDKW!  damn. im so pissed at myself.


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