Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to 8.26pm

this sucks. my fucking relapse has fucking happened again. purposely go to her blog to read, knowing that most of it will be about them. know i cant compare. fucking stupid of me.

funny how i still remember how we got together. 160907 8:26pm. i was crossing the overhead bridge at jurong east. And you msged me. So happy on that bridge. I remember that day i went to find you after my work. ended at 3pm, waited for you to end at 6pm at giordano. ngee ann city. you felt so bad about making me wait for 3 hours. we walked and suddenly we held hands. for short whiles only. but still(: YOU RAT. i remember the next day we went to watch movies, double date with beatrice and jordan. i kept hugging you at cine. beatrice later told me i was like superglued to you. remember 1303?  argh. stupid horror movie. You, Edwin Tan weiming tolerated all my rants and crazy antics. love you so.

bah, i hate all these shit that has happened. so long ago and yet, i cant put him down. i cant push him out of my mind. like how i kept all our stuff in a box. locked it away in the drawer. He's happy now. i should leave him to be. But god, how i hate her.

 It hurts to see you with her. What do you expect. Because i love you, and just because we've broken up doesnt mean i can turn it off just like that.

how did we go wrong?

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