Friday, October 3, 2008

Distress Attached To Memories

i just had to go through all the memories from the past. our past. edwin and mine. Cried when i read the cards he sent me last time. omg. how could i have ignored the sincerity in all those letters. Finally understood his feelings for me. however, its 9months too late. He's happily dating his new prettier slimmer gf and i, haha. stuck alone. ohwell. i dont want to rant so much about him. i regretted the decision i made with him but i can do nothing and i wont do anything. i dont and wont want to become those sluts who threaten people's relationships. i aint no fuckin whore. i miss edwin, yes i do. but i believe this is a momentarily relapse. all those times i always had someone beside me. Chunyang. my biggest scandal but couldn't leave his past for me.  i guess i understand what it means to be unable to move on to the future but always being stuck in the past. Anyway, i hope to move on. Cant wait for school to start. Wanna concentrate on my studies  and making more new friends in my new IS class. Wait the whole class i dont know, then become loner -.-"  aiyo. time's up. Gonna head to bed soon when the tv show ends because i HAVE WORKKKKKKK TOMORROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. aww shucks. just considering that stella might bring her "BOYFRIEND" along!! muahah.


okay y'all,  NIGHTS!

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