Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back And Worse Than Ever

The Msia trip was fun with the very good company i had when i went there. Plus, the other good friends i made there. People like Lingyee, Shaun, PohBoon and friends. It also didnt hurt that the activities were pretty fun despite yes, getting shot in the btt. Dont know how many people laughed at that statement. Try getting hit in the ass. i'll see you laugh at that. Hah! Day 1 consisted of sleeping in the bus like say 10 hours? and a confidence walk with nature and mosquito's suppers. Day 2 was a visit to the very majestic cool and awesome cave, a 4 wheel drive into rivers, swamps, jungles and up hills and lastly a freezing ass cold waterfall. Felt like North Pole in that. ;D Last Day was SHOPPING at sungei wang. Had a lot of good bargains there. The trip was a really eye opening experience and pictures will be uploaded soon enough. hahah.

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