Monday, January 13, 2014


After a solid month of weekend painting, packing and shifting, my room is completed! In an earlier post, i mentioned room inspirations and my to-do list on what i wanted to do with my room and after so much help from my uncle and family members, my new room is now bright and roomy.

Our wallpaper is 17 years old and the yellow-blue wallpaper has gotten yellow-er over the years and were peeling badly in some spots. We always shifted around our furniture to try to make the room more spacious but the old wallpaper made my room dull and our hoarding ways had us keeping a lot of junk in our room.

Here are the before pictures of my old room. 

And the wallpaper comes off!

Wallpaper removal was really easy with warm water and plenty of help with my cousins, family members and Tim. We patched up lots of nail holes in my walls and painted it a semi-glossy white-pink paint from Nippon.

At first my parents tried a different arrangement in our room but i really didn't like it and because of spacing issues, my sister's table and mine were swapped and there wasn't much leg-room for us to walk around.

The first arrangement

But since that didn't work out, i reshuffled and figured something that worked better for me (honestly my sister doesn't care about the room arrangement so it's mainly my idea) and in the end i am super happy with our bigger & brighter space!

So on to the big reveal!

And did you remember the G date that Tim and i did last Oct? 
Back then, I went out and got the black light for our Glow-in-the-Dark date so that our whole room would look cool and romantic and since i already had it, my uncle helped to drill it to our wall so that it would be a permanent fixture. 

And this is how our room looks like at night.

Putting the before and after pictures side by side so you guys can see how big a difference paint and furniture arrangement can make and also how throwing out a lot of junk can do to a room. 





I super love my new room and my new space and i sincerely thank my family members + uncle for helping with everything! I love seeing changes in my house and de-cluttering everything and now one room is done and the rest of the house still needs to be cleaned in time for Chinese New Year.
To more dirt and dust to come.

Till then,

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