Wednesday, January 1, 2014


and.... 2013 is gone! 

Say hello to 2014. 
It's a new year, new blank slate and as so many really like to say, a new page in a 365 pages book. Since 2013 is so yesterday, i say forget the past, remember the present and live for the future. 
Seriously, you only live once (yolo) so take risks, challenge yourself, laugh more, cry less, meet beautiful people who will change your life, be a better person, move on, spend more time with those who matter and most importantly, have fun. 

I love that 2013 ended on a good note for me even if i didn't partake in any crazy festivities this year. I opted for a nice long walk with my dog in which at the very stroke of midnight, she decided that the very first thing she would do was poo. I kid you not. And ended with Tim and i falling asleep to Despicable Me on my tiny bed. 

This year, i dont think i'll be making any new year resolutions since i never seem to stick to them for long so im living my life as it is. My room is 95% done and im loving the lighter walls and fresher look in general (and i got a new chair) so cheap thrills for me. 

Tim and i are also at a great stage in our relationship and still going strong so all is good. Our ABC dating has been halted once again since we've both been really busy individually but we'll definitely do our I date in Jan. 

A few days before Christmas, Tim and i were lucky enough to be shot by a talented photographer from Perth. I met him once when i was there and was so enthralled by his works for couple photography that i practically jumped at the chance when he offered. Normally it's just us, a tripod and a remote trigger so having someone take photos of us professionally was a really big deal. 
Even if Tim and I are ultimate awkward couple #1. 

Here are his amazing shots that i really really really liked. 

As you can see, its not the most elegant, beautiful shots that couples always do but these pictures by Jeffrey literally capture the essence of our relationship. He explains that even though he's an anti-celebration kind of guy himself, he loves to tell the stories of other peoples' celebrations through his pictures.
That's deep man.
And he did it.

Those who know us personally will know that we're always the goofy couple, laughing a lot, making stupid unglamorous faces with each other and we're so comfortable with each other to not worry about how others look at us. And i think so many of our pictures reflect that which is why i can't really pick a favorite from this batch of photos. 

Around him, i'm far from my best behaviour, do crazy stupid antics, act differently and still get all gooey-eyed when i see him from a distance.

 I think i'm really in love. 

If you love Jeffrey's photos as much as we do and want to view more of his work


Till then,

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