Friday, November 1, 2013


Last weekend was all sorts of scary for me with the RACE THE DEAD Zombie Run and debuting in my first ever dress up for Halloween. The experience was one of a kind and definitely fun but rushing home after a 5km run to finish up a barely there costume in record time was a bit of a stretch which eventually i managed to complete. So... *pats own back* :) 

Let the (stolen from FB, thanks guys!) pictures do the talking 

Pre-run. New friends. Forgot their names. Whoops:(
We missed you Jaz!

Post-run Survivors. Still can't remember their names except for Derrick.

And then grab more materials, rush home to complete costume and tadaaaa...

From this the night before with only a skirt done... this

Hello Snow White!
The night after with a completed top and striped sleeves, superman-like cape and red lining for the tutu. Still can't believe i managed to ever do up a costume on my own thanks to my good friend, double-sided tape and no thanks to public enemy no 1, needles and thread. 

Check out pictures from the night where one side of my cape kept coming off!

Tinkerbell and I

Disney Princesses and 1 very hot vampire!
From left to right: Sexy Vampire, Ursula the sea-witch, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Snow White, Jasmine, Corpse Bride and Sleeping Beauty

Stupid stupid cape.

T'was a good night.
Happy Halloween everyone!

Till then,

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