Thursday, November 14, 2013


Continuing our ABC dates after the highly successful G date that received so much love from everyone.
Thanks everyone!
Tim and i love going on such fun, unique dates which are a refreshing change from the usual dating activities and i secretly love all the planning.

I also love surprising him even though this ABC game is supposed to be a two person thing but i like to keep our dates a secret until the day of the reveal where he will receive a clue for him to try and guess. So usually he helps out with the cleaning up.
This time...

H stands for HARRY POTTER!

Once again, i looked back at these pictures and realized how much more i could have done but the lack of time really puts the strain on me to get this whole thing going. Usually, it takes me 2 weeks to come out with the theme and get the prep work ready and then the whole Saturday for me to start the food and whatever's remaining.
A shoutout to my siblings(Stef and Bran) who usually pitch in to help me get things ready in time.

For our H date,  i had taped his invite along with a teeny weeny sign of the platform 9 3/4 sign on my door and waited for him to pass through while i played the harry potter theme song. The blur boy saw the invite and didn't remember to open it and ended up coming through my door straight away. So i kicked him out of the house and made him re-do it because in the letter were the admissions letter and train ticket for him to reach Hogwarts.

He came in and said "So i'm gonna learn wizardry today?!"
You wish Tim. You wish.
Handed him his wand and pictures taking time.

Specs and lightning scar were drawn in the computer because my marker at home had ran out of ink otherwise, this would have been on our faces! Also, our dinner setup for the night as compared to the previous G date which was so-so.

And a closer look at the food and decor around the table.

Tim and i usually spend dinner chit-chatting, laughing about the most random stuff and him asking me what everything is so conversation is always easy between the two of us.

During dinner, he started a weird habit of mixing his savoury and sweet foods together. One minute, he could be eating his bloodworms and dried beetles (savoury) and then the next, he picks up a chocolate frog or the honeydukes treat mix(sweet) to munch on before going back to his bloodworms.
Anyone else has this weird habit? 

By the time, we ended dinner, it was pretty late (close to 9plus 10pm?) and we continued on with our after-dinner activity which was
Professor Snape's Advanced Potion Making Class!

I had created an advanced potion making booklet with 3 potions for us to create.
1. The Exploding Elixir
2. Flubberworm Slime
3. The Confusing Concoctions

Everything went well except for our flubberworm slime which didn't turn out exactly the way it was supposed to be but was still slimy and mushy. Tim and my most favourite potion of the night was definitely the confusing concoctions which we kept staring at. 

To end off the night, it was a whole bunch of selfies in our make-believe wizard school (actually just my messy dining area) and make-believe wizard clothes. I really wanted to get us black robes and the specs, the whole nine yards, but surprisingly cheap black robes are hard to find and the specs were probably a waste of money cause we were never gonna use them again so i decided to forgo them. 

His way of saying my eyes are small. 

Cannot miss this little girl. 

To create our wands, i just used regular chopsticks, hot-glued some swirly design on them and painted them dark brown.  

A lot of items used to hold the food and potions were found in my treasure trove of a house since my mom is such a hoarder so i lucked out this time! It was also lucky that we did this during halloween month so getting the cauldrons used to hold the dry ice was easy. Invitations, food and potions labels and the potion book were re-created using Google, Microsoft Powerpoint and a Harry potter font generator. Potions were simply home science experiments using regular household items. 

And that's about it for H.
Hope you enjoyed reading and scrolling through the pictures!

Till then,

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