Monday, November 4, 2013


Quite recently, i've been bitten by the craft bug after seeing so many awesome and simple diy arts on line that
I've decided to take on my own DIY project and i wanted to start with something relatively simple. Prior to that, i had saw tons of personalized cushions on pinterest and loved the idea of creating something unique and cheap for us to display on our sofa. 

First, i got plain white cushions at IKEA and tore them apart since they were already sewed and separated the inner stuffings and covers apart. 

To create my stencils for the cushion, i printed out our family's initials (You can create any stencil you want) and stuck them onto recycled plastic files, trace the outlines and cut them out.

Once that was done, i taped my cushion cover firmly to the table and taped my stencil on top of it. If you're using fabric paint, remember to insert a cardboard or any kind of thick material to prevent the paint from seeping through to the opposite side before taping. 

Just add your desired colours and mix well. 
My first one was a doozy as you can clearly see and as i went along with the rest of the cushions, i got better. So please dont make the same mistakes as i did and just randomly pile on colors to mix them into a giant big dark patch of unattractive colors.

 I still regret this first cushion and think that it's way too dark compared to the rest and despite a lot of rectification, i can't get my desired effect so i may just redo this one when i have the time.

Once you're done with the painting, leave it out to dry overnight and then use heat to make sure the colours really set in. Since my IKEA cushions says that i can't iron the covers, i used a hairdryer to set mine. 

*This step is optional so you can skip it if you want to.
Once the paint has all dried, trace your design with a fabric marker. I used this method to hide any imperfections on my design and help to make the whole look much neater.At this point, i also touched up on any areas that im still dissatisfied with.

Again, set the colors with a quick blowdry. 
When your covers are completed, re-stuff them and sewed it up.

And there you have it, your very own easy peasy personalized cushions for you to decorate your house in.
Simple, cheap, easy and not time consuming.

Have fun designing your own cushions!

Till then,

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