Tuesday, November 5, 2013


It's been months since my weight update and as the title suggests, i've been backsliding.

Back track to my last post here in which i mentioned that my weight hovers between 42 - 42.4kg. Previously, i weighed myself every morning and night religiously and adhered to a super strict diet plan that required very little to no carbs and lots of water and exercised at least twice a week.

And fast forward to the present, where i'm eating every single junk food i want and desire, packing in perhaps 1 gym session in a month and a few swigs at my chin up bar at home and just being very unhealthy in general. Since i still have yet to weigh myself, i can't tell how much extra kgs i've put on. Even with the somewhat feeble attempt i put in at trying to grasp back my healthy life with clean eating and exercise, the bulk of my food still contains the sinful asian portions of salt, oil and pork lard. 
Not very good effort on my part. 

Obviously, i don't mean to restrict myself to literally no junk food at all because moderation is key, i'm just saying that eating junk food everyday 24/7 isn't my ideal way to go. 

The worst thing is, everything that i've worked so hard for previously is all for naught when i look in the mirror and see signs of my old body coming back. The paunchy stomach, thunder thighs and bat arms are haunting me once more and there it is. 
My breaking point once again. 

No more excuses about crowded gyms and sinful eating.
Let's do this!

PS: Is it weird that i want to fly all the way out to Adelaide for a few months just to take on Kayla Itsine's Bikini Bootcamp? 
Wish i wasn't kidding!

Will update you guys back in 2 weeks time!

Till then,

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