Thursday, October 24, 2013


Re-tracking back to our September Taiwan trip, the last post (read about it HERE) was about Tim and i taking 4 hours and 10km to find Fantasy Story, a place where cafes of all kind gathered for the viewing and tasting pleasure of customers. After browsing the entire place, we eventually settled on one place for dinner, Pumpkin House.

Just so you know, prior to us choosing to dine there, we were casually strolling and taking pictures of the exterior when the staff (crazy friendly) let us walk through the entire restaurant just to snap photos. And when we said we would continue checking out the rest of the restaurants first, they said "Thank You" with genuine smiles and even asked if we wanted them to help us take a picture.
Which is how this picture came about. 

 It would have put our service standards to shame i tell you because our service people would be like "WTF, i let you come in and take photos of my place, treat you so nice and you still walk away." But even though some of the cafes had the same kind of food, the service impressed us so much that we went back there for dinner. 

But another highlight of the place was definitely the American Disney vibes they had to the place. Besides an amazing ton of Disney characters placed all around the restaurant, they were also playing classic favourite songs that i kept singing or humming to.
 Tim, unfortunately is not a Disney child...

Food was good and the servings were huge such that Tim and i couldn't finish our meals. Prices were normal for this sort of themed restaurant (About $30 each for a set meal plus appetizers) and were around the same from the other restaurants that we checked out. 

We had a great day at Fantasy Story and for those of you stopping by Taichung for a holiday, do remember to check it out.

Don't forget your phones!

Till then,

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