Sunday, October 20, 2013


We have officially resumed our ABC Dating with G ending in a blast! I honestly think that this was our best date ever so far! 
So a few weeks ago, i send Tim an invitation HERE. I thought it was pretty obvious with all the neon lights but he didn't seem to get the hint so this entire date was a surprise to him. 
All the information he got was we were heading to a place for our G date and he had to meet me at my house downstairs at 7pm and wear white. What he didn't know was that we were merely having a simple dinner in my room. 

My glow-in-the-dark room.

Yes, G is for Glow-in-the-dark and Games

Imagine Tim's face when he entered the room. He was very surprised because he really thought we were heading out to dinner and was waiting downstairs for a good 15 mins. Kinda pissed too because i kept harping on him to be on time and yet i was mega late. In fact, i was rushing around decorating and cooking dinner and pretending that i was preparing to go out.

Since i was "late", i told him to come upstairs to wait first. And then pretended to lost my phone so i got him to call and help me look for my phone in the room while i went to check the other places.
And then he saw it and said "You Lied!"

We had a simple dinner in the room with music around us, chatted about how i managed to trick him and all and simply marvelled at how everything looked so pretty around us. 
After dinner, it was Games!

We first started with a simple card game whereby whoever picked the biggest or smallest card wins and whoever lost had to do a forfeit which involved glow face paint. 

Safe to say, you guys know who's winning.
And the end result is...

1 very disgruntled losing Tim

and a very happy winner me

Just in time for Halloween

And then we had some funky dices that i had lying around and basically roll them and do whatever the dices said. One of which involved me carrying Tim. 
No easy feat.

And him carrying me which is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

And then on to the final game "Pick Up Lightsticks!" that Tim has never played... 

... before we called it a night. 
Last few pictures of the room before i had to take it all down:(

It was really simple to do up but the end effect was mega amazing that i couldn't stop taking pictures of my room at every single angle. 

For this G date, i bought 

4 tubes of 50 lightsticks each, 
2 glow face paint, 
4 mason jars, 
2 glow cups, 
A set of highlighters, 
1 white string 
Preferred games
1 black light

I placed the black light on a shelf i had, taped white string around the room and hung bunches of lightsticks on it. There was more i could have done but apparently 200 lightsticks aren't enough to decorate a whole room. 

To create my table lights, i took the inside bit of a highlighter and soaked them in water in the mason jars.
In normal lighting, they looked like this...
 ...but under the black light, they glowed brightly.

And that was all for our G date.
I'm sorry this post is so image heavy but i super love everything here. After everything, here's my boy and the dog that joined us on this glowtastic date...

...and to everyone whose reading this


Till then,


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  2. Great idea! Going to try to do something similar myself too :) May I know where you bought your glow face paint and black light?? Thanks!!