Monday, October 7, 2013


In Taiwan, hot springs at Beitou are a must go because you don't get such natural pampering treats for our body back home. Unfortunately, we went on a rainy day and had to resort to the man-made facilities available rather than the outdoor hot spring that was free for all. 

It really wasn't too bad and it was perfect with the rainy cold weather outside and a nice, cosy bathtub inside for us to soak in. We chose the option of a private room even though it is slightly more expensive over the public one but the idea of frolicking in the water with various other strangers in gender specific hot springs didn't appeal to us. The private room came with a vanity table and essentials for us to use and a bath area to rinse off. In total we paid 1180 TWD for an hour's usage and had priceless fun. 

Two very important things i learnt about Tim that very day was that he cannot stand hot water or even moderately hot water because he will shriek like a girl:) and he has no qualms about stepping into huge rain puddles and splashing dirty water all over my shoes. 

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