Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I'm finally back after a month long hiatus on this blog and im surprised to see there are still people reading despite the lack of updates. September has been an awfully crazy month for me and im pretty glad that October is here for me to stop and catch my breath.

Here's a couple of updates if you guys are interested:

Tim and i have temporarily stopped our ABC Dating because sometimes, it can get quite exhausting to plan dates according to the alphabet with our limited activities and budget. We're still dating regularly and we will definitely continue with our ABC dating but as of now, we'll just use the time to save more money and brainstorm more fun ideas for ourselves:)

Our 9 days Taiwan trip was amazing especially with the right companion. It really deserves a post on its own but i need to emphasize that the amount of delicious street food we consumed, sights we took in and places we explored was quite simply a breathtaking memory that Tim and i shared. It was pretty iconic in my mind because it was the first "long-distance" trip that we took as a couple and we had so many great experiences with each other that im sure there will be plenty more in our lives.

Peanut Butter Jelly (Jelly for short) our doggy daughter is currently turning 9 months old this Oct and its pretty remarkable to see some of my similarities in her as if she was a real person. She takes after my mischief ways and perhaps most strikingly, my hyperactiveness. This dog does not rest. Everyday she is growing to be a pretty young lady and i am thankful to have this loyal companion and sweetheart in my life. 

And that's about it for today!
 I have a lot more to share and i will definitely be back more frequently this month. 

Till then,

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