Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Best Valentine's Day Present

Valentine's Day has been over for almost two weeks now so this is a little late for me to post but this year, i've received the best Vday present throughout all my 23 years of existence. So before i share what it is, i would like to say a huge thank you to the boyfriend and the man in my life for making it happen.
Thank You Tim!
(Btw: This is a really lengthy post)
For the longest time, my mum has been adamant about not having dogs in our house (You can see where this is going...) because she was scared of them and got bitten by a stray once, we had asthma in the family and my dad and i had allergies. So my house wasn't the ideal place to keep a dog but i wanted it still. And so Tim and i decided that we should get a dog of our own.
 I don't know how it got better but i think the interaction with my Tim's amazingly tame and chill dog, Cooper, helped my mum to understand that not all dogs are crazy, hyper and will jump on her.

 And one fine day, after choosing the right timing, i casually told her "Mummy, Tim and i are thinking of getting a dog" And usually she says "No!" immediately and then launches into a long tirade about our family allergies and the smell and so on but this time she made a face and said "You want to keep a dog? Why..." So we talked and even though she didn't give an outright yes but she didn't shoot me down either and i took that as a good sign.
I started doing tons of research, what breed, what do i need and at first i decided that i would want a toy poodle because of the majorly cute ones we saw at dollhousepets and online. 

all pic credits to its rightful owners
 But we soon realized that toy poodles while being extremely intelligent, were also high energy and required frequent maintenance so we decided otherwise and after several weeks of searching pet shops and online listings,( i actually went to a few pet shops in the east when i stay in the west) we finally found the one. 
It was a home breeder and she was selling maltipoo puppies. If you don't know, maltipoo are a cross between maltese and poodles. I went on a friday evening, after work and there in the little playpen, i saw 5 maltipoo babies and immediately fell in love with one of them. It was really the dramatic scene where i laid eyes on her and knew straightaway she was the one i wanted. It was probably the fact that every one of them was whining and she, despite all the noise, was sleeping soundly right in the center. And that when the rest calmed down and fell asleep in a bunch, she woke up and went to sleep right on top of all of them.
She was it.

I called Tim and he had just booked out from camp but he heard the excitement in my voice and took the train down from Yishun to Bedok. Best boyfriend ever. And so long story short,Tim fell in love too and that very night, he gave me the best Valentine's Day present 13 days in advance. She was only 3-4 weeks old then so we couldn't bring her back and that night, i got my first dog.
Here's some pictures
When they were a few weeks old

All 5 of them

Look how they've grown and sleeping in a circle! So adorable

My bear and her sleeping positions

Sleeping position number 2


She has that sad dog eyes

Her siblings and grandpa

Playing around. 

Her name is Jelly for short and she's a medium energy maltipoo puppy. I took the courage to tell my parents and showed them the pictures and videos and they actually agreed. OMG! Everything is about having the right timing. My dad said yes first and properly gave his seal of approval when he visited her last week. We're bringing her home on the 9th and can you blame me if i say im really super excited about it? Will definitely keep you guys updated on her!

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