Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Celebration for the 86th birthday of this healthy, happy grandfather of mine. I am so glad he's is still in the best of health despite his recent injury which is why his hand is swelling and in a bandage.

Here's a few things you should know about this old man:
Number 1:
 He has 13 children, 11 girls and 2 boys
Number 2:
He wanted me even when i was ridiculously naughty and even told Tim to look beneath my bad temper cause he said that my bark's worse than my bite. 
Number 3:
He's incredibly healthy and agile for his age
Number 4:
He constantly travels. 
(USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and all your neighbouring countries)
Number 5:
He fell down, broke his hand and calmly took the bus home from harbourfront to holland and called my grandma to tell her that he was injured and asked for duck rice because he was hungry. 
Like a boss.

I love this old man. 

Our huge family! 7 tables and counting.

 Just the grandchildren alone. 
No wonder we have cliques in between cliques.

And a family photo to end this post. Do i look like my mum or dad?

PS: Pictures all taken with either iPhones or S3 hence the resolution is a bit bad. 
Please bear with it!

Till then,

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