Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enter the Depression Stage

IMG_20130210_130126[1]IMG_20130209_163015[1]IMG_20130213_122319[1]Just some quick updates from my instagram to signfy the end of the CNY holiday.
And behold the depression, post-CNY stage.
Where we all suffer from post-holiday syndrome, gain lots of weight from all the excessive food that we stuff ourselves with and go back to our mundane routine of work and school. As much as i love this time of the year when we meet up with friends and families and of course you can never deny the happy getting "ang pow" stage for all the unmarried ones, but the aftermath is quite tragic to think about.
Anyhow, this post is a happy post.
*Lol at the ironic title.
It's always a boisterous event at my CNY reunions because both my parents' families are quite big. My mum side has 13 families and my dad's side has 6 families and extended roots to malays.Thus, i always celebrate both Chinese New Year and Hari Raya! Just imagine the amount of red packets i have to give away once im married! No wonder the adults don't seem to have as much fun as the kids do. And of course, being the adult means that naturally when we play blackjack, they would be the banker because obviously, they have more money to lose to us players. heh heh heh.
It's been an amazing reunion so far. im supposed to wear green as my lucky colour for this year so you guys might see me decked out in a lot more green outfits than usual. And when i run out of green things to wear, i might just improvise with a few leaves here and there and pretend im in Hawaii.
I'll do a proper post really soon with a better photolog and something outside of my house i promise! But for now, im getting back to my backlog of work and my over-due bak kwa that i havent been eating at all! *gasps*
So, how did you guys spend your Chinese New Year?
Till then,

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