Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Give Me Some of that Nuffie Love

Instead of showering you with kiss-ass sentences, professional visual imagery (not that im capable of producing any) and clever wit, im going to be pretty straight forward and just give you the six reasons why I love you. 
You being Nuffnang.

1)      You constantly look out for the best perks for us “normal” bloggers to enjoy.
It doesn’t matter that we’re not famous bloggers like QiuQiu, Xiaxue or Typicalben, you don’t forsake us regular bloggers and always include us in your activities and promotions. 
And we appreciate that. 

2)      You are like our elder sibling.
It only seems fair that a company is business and profit oriented but Nuffnang even as a company comes across as an elder sibling looking out for us rather than an agency or a company that looks out only for themselves.  
In other words, you are like family.

3)      You recognize talent when you see it.
With thousands of bloggers in your community, you still manage to recognize our individual talents and make each and every one of us feel special.

4)      You communicate with us, understand us and think like us.
Enough Said. Period.

5)      You organize the most exciting events
Sleepwear flashmob, Are you a shooting star, Cineleisure Next Online Sensation, overseas trips to Hong Kong Disneyland.
Need i say more?

6)      You are ranked number 1 as a leading company in the blogosphere.
Besides being recognized locally, Nuffnang has expanded well past our sunny shores to Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Thailand and is receiving much love from the blogging communities there too! I especially love bloggers, Metallicapaws and Chloe Ting from Australia and it is awesome to know that famous bloggers like them are under Nuffnang too! It’s almost like i know them too since we’re under the same family.
 Almost, sort of… okay maybe not. 

Nuffnang crew!
 Are you like this right now?

Well, before this post ends, here are my top 2 reasons why you should send me to the Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash!

Reason 1: 
Seriously, because I get to hob nob and rub shoulders with famous bloggers, meet the crew behind Nuffnang and shamlessly take photos with them instead of just stalking them on their blogs.
Reason 2:
I get to dress up!
I don't have enough opportunities to dress up, wear make up and look fabulous. Everyday after work, i end up looking like this
And i really need a chance to look like this

Pic credits: indulgy.com

So... pretty pretty please?
I want to be part of Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash at Ballymoons!!

Till then,

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