Monday, February 25, 2013

NS45: Appreciating all the NS men

Growing up with an army dad, you can say i was pretty much exposed to the military at a very young age. No, i don't have the usual "stand by bed", "area cleaning" or "physical training", THANK GOD! but my dad did make us do water parades and we always had to clean our rooms and make our beds before we head out. 

I also remember going out for family days at Safra clubs and there were always plenty of activities for me to enjoy, such as rock-climbing (i loved it!) and playing in the ball pits. I never thought of it recently but those events really bonded my dad and i because we always had such fun times together like when i was climbing the rock wall, he was the belay-er (not sure how we spell that) and i could trust him with my life. 

Taken after a dance performance hence the really drastic makeup

At one point of my life, i actually considered the fact that the army would be a good career for me (Read post here) but i was quickly persuaded out of it by my fear of insects and my disdain for carrying heavy things. Haha! But i always had the utmost respect for our NS men and i went through lots of POP and saw my friends emerging as men, as soldiers ready to fight for their family and friends.  

The recent NS45 announcement to allow NS men to enjoy Safra benefits with their familes as a recognition initiative to thank Singapore National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation is a really amazing thing. 

Safra has really made the effort to show their appreciation by providing vouchers for a variety of services! Here's some "Do You Know" facts about these Safra vouchers.

Do you know that your army friends are here to stay throughout your life because you went through thick and thin together. So sit down at any of Safra's reputable restaurants such as Jacks Place, Sakura International Bufffet and have a good meal and talk about anything under the sun

Picture credits: Timothy Ho

Do you also know that your buddies who PT-ed together with you are the ones who will enjoy a good massage with you to release all the stress and tension in their bodies. So head on down to Safra's professional spa centers such as Masego and Bodycare for some tender loving care. 

There's so much to explain, i actually used the Ah Boys to Men - Recruits Anthem and changed up the lyrics . I had initially wanted to record a video of me "rapping" but a sore throat didn't allow me to do it. So i'll type the lyrics here and embed the video in so you can roughly, kinda figure out the rap.

Ah Boys To Men:
 "45 Years of Service" Rap

As a boy in Singapore
You gotta do your thing
Step up and serve your country
Gotta do your thing
45 years of service
Always defending
Now Safra's rewarding you 

100 million worth of vouchers 
For the NS men
100 million to spend
Because they can
To give to the guys who have done it all
Especially the ones who kena

You got vouchers for eating
And vouchers for playing
Get vouchers for dating
And some for massaging
So come on down and have a good time
Don't stay in camp
Don't get CONFINE!

Anyone whose serving
or served before
Can enjoy these benefits
Except most zha bor (hokkien for female)
But there's really nothing much we girls can do
Except to salute and say

This has been a really long post and it's almost coming to an end now. Safra really helps to bring the NS men together by providing a place for them to hang out, chill and have a good time. It is an important bonding process that you as a NSAF will appreciate because your army buddies are the ones who will be with you through it all. 

It's a heart warming process that not everyone will experience so treasure the times and cherish the people for as the saying goes "Bros before ho***"

Till then,

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