Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vincent Pannizzo


1 homeless person, 1 calling,

Every night, out on the streets of Oakland. A single homeless man finds himself a corner, and as a crowd of 50 odd people starts to gather around him, he begins to preach the gospel. And the crowd filled with other homeless people, drug dealers and passerbys all stop to listen to his shockingly lucid and downright inspirational sermons. God called him to his purpose several years ago and Vincent Pannizzo abandoned his career and made the conscious decison to live on the streets to preach the gospel. Besides preaching, he also hands out food and whatever money he picks up from doing odd jobs in the day. And every night, he preaches to the people of Oakland, amidst all the sounds of the night before heading back to the homeless shelter and waking up in the morning to do it all over again.

This man, who gave his all in serving God, did whatever he was told and sacrificed all that he needed to. Just for the sake of the gospel. It really shows how willing people are to give their lives to God. To trust in him and to serve him faithfully. And though he may not be the rich and famous but homeless and poor, i bet his life is filled with much more enjoyment and satisfaction and all the things that money cant buy. Which is probably the best feeling in the world.

This just makes me wonder, when's it gonna be my turn?


  1. Hey, I just realised that guy was number one in a list of "5 Homeless Guys Who Accomplished Amazing Things"

  2. yeah. smart guy. took you this long to figure it out? ((:

  3. Thats great but what about the family he abandoned.Why he is spreading the word at night there is a great little boy and a wonderful woman he LEFT.