Tuesday, January 6, 2009

monday blues

Apparently, the lecturers find it mildly amusing to make me go to class for a 25mins interview followed by a 3 hours break and another 30mins of assignment briefing. Interesting. If school didnt start at such an early time, i might not resent it so much :X

Secrets uncovered. Shocking, random but true. Had to run out of class three times to call someone to rant about it.

Vivo with sam liew. Unexpected surprise. Made my entire day(: And there i was being an idiot. Because all i could do was look. and smile. Replayed certain scenes in the back of my head. I bet im gonna dream about the scene like a million times every day. Thinking of it makes me act like an idiot again. Goofy smiles and a dreamy look. Hadn't felt this way ever.


Now look at what you've done to me. But baby, i aint complaining(:

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