Sunday, March 8, 2015


I miss the beach

Miss getting wet, the sun in my eyes and sand in between my toes. I'm all about ready to turn into a beach bum and then i think, tomorrow is Monday. 
Deep sighs.

Maybe i'll head to the beach this coming weekend, and do a little nature walk or something. I'm itching to get out and do something that requires me to pant a little harder and sweat a little more. I need to move around more. I've been spending a lot of lazy time back at home lately and some days, it's a good thing i tell myself. I need the time off. I need the breathing space. Other days, i just feel like i should be up and moving. Out there getting some sunshine on my face, looking at nature at its best, and getting that laid-back beach vibe. 

Weird, spontaneous and impulsive.
 That's exactly who i am. 
Good thing or bad thing, i can't really decide. All i know is, I vow to get some sun this week!

Tomorrow's Monday guys, good luck everyone.

Till then,

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