Saturday, March 14, 2015


I've always been up for trying something new in my life. Adventurous of some sorts but i like experiencing new hobbies more than i love trying new foods. When it comes to food, i'm a stickler for my favourites. But with hobbies, I am probably the total opposite. 

This time around, i explored my non-existent artistic side. And with Tim as my trusty aide, we went to a "Love Portraits" workshop by artist Puffing Muffin held at a charming quaint studio at Rowell Street. I had chanced upon her work at flea markets previously and followed her on her Instagram (@puffingmuffin). So when i learned that she had this workshop coming up, i thought it would be a good learning experience to learn from an artist whose works i had grown to admire. 

Lucinda, the owner of the studio and the website ( is an impeccable lady and artist that oozes warmth and comfort. One day prior to the workshop, she sends me an email, welcoming and thanking me for being part of the workshop. What she didn't know was that at the end of the workshop that she had organised, i would be the one thanking her and Candice (Puffing Muffin) for imparting me with information and trade secrets to being my own kind of artist. 

On the day of the workshop, Tim and i walked through the streets of Little India searching for the studio, and discovered treasure troves hidden there. A fat dog resting here, a graffiti art wall there, the dim sum restaurant where we first ate together as a couple and so many more little things. Little India, undoubtedly holds the most memories for me being together with Tim. We found the studio, and Lucinda welcomes us into the warm space. Everything is set up nicely on the table for us. Markers, pencils, colouring tools and everything needed for us to create our love portraits and then we start, going a round to introduce ourselves. 

There are a lot of laughs going on, this group is not awkward and quiet like other groups i've known.
It's a good start. 

The workshop begins and soon enough, i am engrossed completely. Learning mathematical ratios to face structures and key features to a person's portrait. It is an eye opening and informative experience. Candice does a demonstration and we take it all in. As the time came for us to venture on our own, there are a lot more laughs going on. Tim and i decide to draw each other and obviously, i am a lot more vocal in the way i want him to draw me. 

"How does that look like me?!"
"Can you not give me such a square jaw, i want a sharper chin!"
"I want wind-blown hair"
"My face looks weird"

It turns out, my attempt at him, was a feeble one as well. He came out looking like a gothic mime in my opinion. The second one was much better, if you compare it with the first. After some time and colouring techniques from Candice, our final product was done. I think ultimately, Tim did a better job than i did. In mine, he came out looking way too much like a pretty boy with eyeliner. *chuckles* 

Our group did well with some truly outstanding artists. Putting our work next to them was a little nerve wrecking. But we did it and Tim and i completed our first ever love portraits of each other. Not too bad if i do say so myself. Lucinda showed us into her secret garden in the backyard and after the photo taking session, we ended the class. Went for a late dinner at the dim sum restaurant before eventually calling it a night. 

And it was a great night.

Till then,

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