Sunday, February 9, 2014


Perfectly parked BMWs in rows, ready for picking.

Highlight of the air show was the aerial display put up by the Black Knights which showed a lot of hard work, precision and skills honed from years of practice.

Minion in a hat. 
Seriously, too cute!

RSAF Family Day 2014 with my dad, younger brother and uncle. 

I've been going to such shows and family days with my dad since i was a young girl and i always loved them.
Seeing fighter planes from Singapore and other countries up close and watching the stunning aerial display by the Singapore Black Knights definitely made up for waking up early to go to the show. 
Also free candy floss, popcorn, ice-kachang, muah chee and tutu kueh were awesome too!

I always wonder what would have happened if i really had the courage and determination to serve in the military. And if i had chosen a different route than where i am now, what would it be like. 
What would i have become as a person?
So yes, i'm proud of the people who chose to serve our nation. 
People like my father who spend a good 30 years dedicating his life to the Singapore Armed Forces. 

Thanks dad.

Till then,

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