Friday, February 14, 2014


Today is Valentine's day.

A day where couples are supposed to express their love and keep the romance alive.
It is also a day where anything that remotely resembles hearts, flowers or teddy bears are doubled/tripled its' price. And restaurants charge exorbitant charges for an extra dessert they serve or for candles at your table for a romantic ambience in their "Valentine's Day Special" set menu.

Erm. okay.

Getting on with the real intent of this post.

Since i'm a selective hipster on what i like to deviate away from the crowd, (Like everyone loved Inception and Avatar and i'm like "meh. everyone's watching it, i'm not going to then." but then Transformers came out and everyone else was watching it and i wanted to too!) i decided that for 2014's Valentine's Day, instead of celebrating our reasons for love, we should list the things that we actually hated about each other.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Because nobody's perfect.

And loving someone means you love them for who they are, flaws included.

As always, i like to thank Tim for being such a supportive and sporting boyfriend for doing this even if he did grumble about it for a few days. When it came down to the actual execution, he was quite excited. 

So he gets to go first.

1. She cannot keep secrets

TIM: She can't keep the secrets that she knows. Things that i tell her weren't supposed to be told out loud but she'll use them as conversation starters.

2. She's so clumsy

TIM: She'll hurt herself more than 3 times a day.

3. She's short-tempered

TIM: It's quite direct, isn't it?

My turn now!


1. He always oversleeps 

MEL: He's tired all the time so he sleeps a lot. And it's almost impossible to wake him up when he sleeps so he's often late to plans. Sometimes, i get more annoyed when i know he purposely stayed up late to do random things even when he knows that he's meeting me the next day.

2. He's obsessed with his phone games. 

MEL: Any opportunity he gets, he sneaks in a game or two or three or four. And when his friends get a better score than him, he becomes very determined to beat their score and will keep on playing. Even when he's out on a date with me!

3. He's too sensitive

MEL: He takes my jokes too seriously, even when i say it while giggling. 

And we're done!
As a couple, we've learnt to accommodate and accept each other as the person that we are. While we were doing this project, it was fun to trash out all the little things that annoyed each other and it was such a light-hearted process that we eventually ended up laughing and joking around.
And yes, we still love each other despite it all.
Lucky Me.

Till then,

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