Sunday, December 14, 2008

With butterflies in my tummy

Common tests are over, finally.

Art Friend, Starbucks, Heeren, Food Republic with jazzy chubby(:

Best 4 hours by far.

Catching up, whining, bitching, laughing, giggling, acting stupid, reminscing.

Happy holidays people(:


  1. Wow! Great stuffs with y'all that!

    Camps: Just like your msg. Get WILD! Whack people, *pull ppl pants like u did in pri. sch.?*

    HK Trip: Have super duper fun with the food & shopping & bargaining with the HK ppl! Haha! :D

    Most of all, TAKE CARE until we meet again for Seafood Platter!

  2. haha. fish and co fish and co!(: soon soon