Monday, December 15, 2008

meeting up with love to do my christmas presents for people(:

i skipped camp in the end, skipped the 'campfire' night cause chub got held up by impt stuff. First su camp that i missed. Kept whining to people about it. Gah. Get over it already.

Carolling practice was hardcore today. i didnt know anything cause i skipped 4 practices due to cts.Felt a bit loser.and  I saw eyecandy in church. been ages since  i last saw him. still adorable, still adorable 

schedules packed, sentosa outing with team07 cancelled):

nick nicky, lets go paint the town red(:


  1. wow.. looks like the plans in your organizer have been changed so much!

    well, holiday season right now. The hols period gonna feel short. Nevertheless, enjoy to the fullest!

    Last of all, don't forget about my present! =D