Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The truth hurts

i hate her for being the pri sch friend

i hate her for becoming his gf 

i hate her for treating him better than i did

i hate her for being so perfect in her own way

but mostly,

i hate her for the fact that i know i cannot compete or compare myself to her. Her looks, her personality.

i hate her for making me see the ugly duckling that i am.



i hate her.


  1. :) jiayou k? everyone has their own unique ways. and remember. maybe to someone, you will be his everything :) just that its not the time yet. JIAYOU!

  2. hey. i didnt know you read my blog too.
    Guess that day was a bad day to me.
    But dont worry. i'll be fine(:
    Jiayou for CTs and Danzation.
    Cant wait to go see you guys perform

  3. Hey just curious!Which girl are u talking about?care to show the picture?Don jealous of that ger nah..U so many bf...U also quite cute ma.

  4. hey. better not to say. anyway. do i know you?

  5. You don know me. anyway just want to see how perfect she is. cheer up ger!

  6. oh. then how you know me? haha. guss she makes me feel guilty about not treating my ex as well as he deserves.

  7. Heard about you. Well over is over and no point feeling guilty about it. From now on cherish the one that you love:)

  8. haha. okay then. thanks!