Thursday, August 22, 2013


F for Food Bentos and Forts
Our F date was something that we had never done before. First we decided to re-create the famous japanese bentos which is something that clever people with artistic talents, patience and a penchant for cute things like to do. And second, we built a blanket fort in my living room much to my amusement:)

While you can use any kind of ingredients you want to make your bento more attractive, for us novices, we stuck to the basic ingredients using only 
Sushi rice, Seaweed, Carrots, Sausages and Lettuce.
And this is what we came up with


And Tim's

The second part of our F date was our Fort Night.
Blanket forts are easy to built because all you need are blankets and spaces. Then make use of your surroundings like tables and chairs to create a cozy space where the two of you can just pretend to be kids all over again and bond. 

In my case, i had the advantage of our sofa bed which we rolled out, placed a bamboo pole in between our two cabinets, draped and secured our blankets to the pole and to supporting chairs underneath, throw in some pillows, bolsters and favourite soft toys and voila! our blanket fort was done! 

There was so much more we could do but it was almost midnight and i had work the next day so suffice to say, i just wanted to "get it over and done with" and catch some winks. 
Not very romantic but i still had a special time with Tim.

I hope you guys enjoyed our F date as much as i had! 
Always glad that Tim is game to play out my crazy suggestions. 
Next up is G:)

Till then,

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