Thursday, August 1, 2013


The D for our alphabet dating experience was totally unexpected but very worth it even though we slept past our curfews and travelled out of our comfort zones. ( Fun fact about tim and i is that on weekdays, we don't travel to anywhere further than the west side. We are a boring couple.)

But the past Thursday, we dressed up nicely after work, dragged ourselves out to clarke quay to grab dinner and watched a stand up comedy show that left us in stitches. If you haven't guessed it yet,
D is for DRAG

Popular drag queen Kumar left the audience manically laughing away throughout the night with her/his witty ways and for those who have yet to catch this queen in action, you should do it very soon. 
Word of advice: If you can't take crude jokes or understand Singapore local humor, you might wanna give this a miss. 

My favourite part from the whole night is this:
2 Ang-Mohs were walking down the river when they saw an indian man running past them.
One of them said 

Still gets me laughing everytime! :D

To a great night filled with love.

Till then,

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