Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sand Surfers

Sand boarding in Australia. 
Epic fun, Epic tiring.

Sam and I took a mini road trip to the Lancelin Sand Dunes, about 2 hours drive away from Perth. 
I can tell you one thing's for sure, when you're the only driver in the car, and the GPS tells you to drive for 100km, it is no fun at all.

Then again, Australia's seriously blue skies and lush greenery landscapes makes everything so very worth it. Its this kind of view that i could get used to, not buildings and skyscrapers.

 I love this photo of Sam, she was handing me my sunnies and i captured this shot. 
She doesnt think much about it though :x

After what seemed like ages, we reached the sand dunes where everywhere is surprise surprise.. 
No shit Sherlock. 
But the sand isn't those nitty gritty sand that you fnd at Sentosa or East Coast Park, the sand is ultra fine and smooth, indescribable really but just awesome. 

Here's our victory "Yay! We've reached the sand dunes!" pictures

And as usual, Australia's eye catching, jaw dropping views never fail to blow me away. 
Literally & non- literally, the wind was very strong. 
 And we got right down to pretending we were experts in sandboarding.
 But seriously, the sport is a no- brainer.

 But if you still need instructions, here you go!

 For more challenging stunts, try standing on the sand board. Just like this.
 No that's not all.
 Standing on the board is just the easy part, its keeping your balance as you go down that's hard.
Although i looked like i know what i was doing, i didn't and i failed. Haha.
I think i looked cool though *smug face*

At the time we were taking these photos, Sam & I were wild & young & free. 
Cheerful, smiling girls not knowing that our car was stuck and that it would take us 45mins for someone to finally drive by and find us and then asked us if we were Americans because they were Canadians and hated Americans before helping to pull our car out of the sand. 
What naive, innocent females we were.
Our heroes, saviours.
Thank You So Much!
And finally driving home just in time to see the sunset. 
Their skies are really shades and shades of colorful wonders. 
Doing this post makes me miss Australia and the people there and i still have so much more to update :'(
I wanna go back soon!

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