Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In a Harry Potter movie

I seemed to have stepped onto the set of a Harry Potter movie. 
Everywhere i turn, i am surrounded by gorgeous architectures that reminds me of Hogwarts. 
This is magical, surreal and wizardly. 

Anyway, i've been blogging pretty regularly now.
Finally having that free time to sit and chill thanks to the pouring rains this week. Wind speeds are like 125km/hr and massive raindrops are falling as i type this.
 So lucky i managed to explore quite a bit of Australia last week thanks to Sam.

On another hand, my teeny tiny role of being a dancer in a local movie is finally out! And apparently my family says that they spotted me in it! 
Woohoo! Hello Stardom! 
They also did mentioned that i look stunned in one of the shots. -.-"
So anyway, the movie is "Imperfections" but i dont think i'll have the opportunity to see it cause by the time im back in Singapore, (NOOOOO) the screenings might be over.

And no post is ever complete without a picture of me in it so yes, here's my shot.

And yes, i am a self-absorbed person 
Suck on that:)

And just to prove my previous point,
here's another shot (blurred out in case you guys can no longer tolerate my narcissism)

 Till next time,

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