Monday, May 25, 2009

monday all over again

its monday. its school. i dread school.

My fyp is making me all jittery cause of how backward i am, how clueless i am and how stupid i feel. Kinda sucks, knowing that i need help for almost everything. I really just wanna pass this and get my diploma and graduate. Then i'll go to uni and study a whole new thing. Kinda looking forward to next year actually. The time i get to graduate, the maybe melbourne trip with sam and van and the thought of embarking on something newer and more exciting for my career. My future still seems bleak. i have no ambition. i dont know what to do with my life. So im taking each step as i go on this journey and maybe, just maybe, at the end i'll find something fufilling and worthwhile to me. Currently, im just studying my options in university. But right now, i should actually strive to complete my FYP. its crucial.

My leg's itching damn badly again, like holy crap omfg kind of itchy. Wonder if its linked to not taking my antibiotics yesterday :/ So im scratching like mad and its red again and it feels like 3 days of medicine gone down to waste.

Stop scratching.

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