Monday, November 3, 2014


I've been missing from this blog for approximately months and a sudden wave of nostalgia hits me as i sit and type this out on my new Mac. Yes, buying a new laptop brings back memories of daily blogging. Also, i am flabbergasted that after all this time, i still have readers coming back to this rusty blog. 

Thanks y'all.

So I'm at a new phrase in my life now and the months that i've been away, i've been learning and growing so much. Being in a new work environment and in one that interests me so immensely has been very enriching to say the least. And going alongside are the new friends, new bosses and new work culture that has been an eye opening experience. I'm thankful that at this stage, i still have such opportunities that are presented to me.

Tim and i are still very much in love, thank you for asking and very happy together. We've both been in the corporate world for quite some time now so unfortunately, we are bogged down by seemingly exhaustion and sheer tiredness every single day such that a simple thing like dinner after work seems such a mountainous task. Especially with Tim ending late everyday, we no longer enjoy the luxury of time to plan themed dates and go on endless photo journeys (for which i am forever grateful to my ever sporting boyfriend).

We are not perfect but i love that we try. Despite how tough it gets and how tired we are, we try and we accommodate and every time, it never fails to amaze me how easy life is with him and how easy it is to be myself around him. 

We've had some highs and lows during the course of 2014 and even though the year is coming close to an end, it was a year well spent with him. 

And the dog is still cute. 

I'll be back you guys. For real this time.

Till then,

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