Thursday, June 13, 2013


A really really quick update on my weight loss thus far. It's been about a month since i've first challenged myself to get fitter and healthier and i couldn't be more pleased with my progress. The last i reported was 43.3kg and since then i've went down to 41kg and after i slackened off a bit since coming back from Phuket, my weight sort of hovers between 

and this

So in total i've dropped 4kg since 29 April so i need to pat myself on the back cause that's not too bad progress isn't it. Don't judge me too harshly or compare me with other more drastic transformations because im not bragging or showing off but rather using this blog as a platform to motivate myself to do better and work harder. And i finally got off my lazy ass and stop procrastinating. 

And it's been a long first month of controlled dieting and regular exercising but things do get better and exercise does get more interesting if you change up your routine from time to time. 
I missed out on so much pasta!

My proudest achievement i guess. 

Haven't seen a flat tummy on myself in a long while so im really extra extra happy. Now i'm pretty much determined to keep this up and get a little washboard abs if i can. But overall, i just wanna get fitter, healthier and feel better.

Surprisingly even though i lost 4kg, no one could tell except for a few colleagues and family who commented on my slimmer face and toner arms. It's okay, im still very very proud. Hahah.

Ending off with this picture of my pretty sister and i at gelato cottage after my dad's cohesion party. 
She was such a cougar that night. 

Off for a quick run now!

Till then,

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