Monday, March 16, 2009

a month old entry

its been ages and ages since i last posted something.  so busy spending time with baby and hanging out with church people or team 7 that everytime i got home, im so lazy to think of what to write about. but my holidays have been fun definitely. love having the extra free time on hand to always meet baby and hang out with friends. ssl ( sneaky _ love) xD only he knows what im talking about

on the other hand, been busy with BYOF since the date is drawing nearer. its omfg this saturday! all the preparations and after church meetings wont go wasted as the commitee eagerly plans for this event. oh man. oh man. GOOD WEATHER PLEASEEEEEEE. dont be a killjoy and spoil the fun. For the committee members, every effort that all of us put in is appreciated. without our group, i doubt everything would be completed so quickly and efficiently. damn, we're good((:

skipped SU's trial camp and ict's trial camp. but im still gonna be a crew at foc and corrine called me up to still be a gl for ict. so yay! camp's for the entire of next week. gonna miss baby but i'll definitely make time for him. top priority you know x) and i heard that a number of the seniors will be coming back for foc so cant wait to catch up with all of them. afterall, the best times in my poly life was spent with all of them. FOC was really the best experience i had in np. from being a freshman to a GL, the memories there are unmeasurable and oh so unforgettable. And as chub puts it, its all about the people that makes up SU. Lancelot, green beans ( magnum beans) kappa tau , destige family. the self high ones, the pigs, the chubbs, the bimbos. Friendships gained, friendships lost. i've learned as i go along and there are times when i've strayed but the people who helped guide me back and the people who were constantly there for me in my times of need. the guys who always send me home no matter how late it was, wait outside my class for me, carry my laptops, piggyback me when im tired, pamper me and put up with me and the girls with heart to heartfelt talks, encouraging me and motivating me, scolding me when im wrong and hugging me when im sad. it isnt something that i would forget. to all the people who made a difference in my life. even to the ones im no longer talking to or are friends with. thank you.

and to all the fun i had during this meetings or events

justis dance barbeque/chalet

thrift shopping with sam

touch rugby with chub and kc

kelvin's POP

countless meetings with baby!

sleepover at sam's


BYOF meetings and video taking sessions

escape with sam, abigail and sheryl

and others which i've clearly forgotten about.


found some random young time pictures when i went peeping into my memory box





i look like a boy!



BRANDON! he used to be so cute then. x)

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