Sunday, February 8, 2009

im not moving but would you want me to?

* for my own comfort. i'll probably use fuck way too many times in this post.

this is one of those days where i feel like im happy inside and still have that stupid feeling about not lasting :/ it feels like a screwed up version of me.  because i dont trust myself in keeping his heart, to make him happy. and i fucking well know i cant compete with the others.

i cant play a guitar nor belt out a love song to him like kelyn does. and im not crazy enough to always make him laugh like delane does. and for the rest. i really dont know:/ the only thing im good at is just trying to love him. but maybe thats not fucking good enough. i get people telling me that im so lucky cause he's popular and smart and charismatic. Hell i know that. why do you think im feeling so bloody insecure right now?  its fucked up not because i dont trust him, but rather i dont see myself capable enough or good enough to take that position as his girlfriend.

i always say ' emo is for losers '

im a fucking loser right now.

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